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  • Marina Zhuxin: Hello adil, how is your paper bag machine working now? 250mm size working too?

    Adil  Morocco : Hi, dear, up to now is fine. not yet 250mm because not yet find paper rolls size .

    Marina Zhuxin: OK

    Adil  Morocco : But we run two size smooth

    Marina Zhuxin: OK ,Thanks

    Adil  Morocco : I can help too here, I want make best relationship together.

    Adil  Morocco : ^Q^  ^Q^  ^Q^

    Marina Zhuxin: I hope so......

We are Film Blowing Machine manufacturer from china, our business is mainly to produce and sell different type Film Blowing Machine, Main product including film blowing machine, stripe film blowing machine, double color film blowing machine, handle puncher, We also can customized product according to the client’s requirement. We are always try our best to become the good Film Blowing Machine manufacturer, Welcome the customer from all over the world to contact with us.

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